Brightwell Physiotherapy  - Clinical excellence
Felicity Peach has a wealth of more than 22 years' experience as a Physiotherapist.  Seven years in London's prestigious teaching hospitals were followed by a post graduate masters degree in musculo-skeletal-neuro physiotherapy at UCL, after which she was snapped up by a Harley Street private practice where she worked for a further four years.
Following this Felicity returned to Oxfordshire to bring up her family. Here she established her own practice after periods working first in Henley and then Drayton.  Felicity also has links with St. Lukes Hospital, Oxford. 

Felicity's postgraduate course gave her a very different, more holistic approach to treatment.  She was able to develop these skills working with many West End dancers and some professional footballers while in Harley Street.  But the lessons learned in patterns of movement and an instinctive feel for muscle, joint and spinal motion mean that Felicity has developed an exceptional ability to see beyond the symptoms to the bio-mechanical source of the problems - and to treat them. She works closely with other experts including personnel trainers, yoga and pilates instructors. 
Her ethos is to improve and maintain optimal mobility and core stability specific to patients needs.  Delivering  treatment that relieves pain at the same time as providing a long-term solution for patients' well-being. 

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